Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nooooo....Not the Cure...

What happened? Where am I? I think I was watching TV and George Bush was on it, and then I though I heard him say:

"America is addicted to foreign oil. We must end this addiction."

And people started applauding and I got light headed from the incredible realization that the President of the United States had just made the most obvious statement in American History...And then I realized two things...

George was reading that from the teleprompter...The most straight forward statement of truth in America and George had to have it written down so he could remember it.

And secondly...George and his buddies will attack this problem with all the expertise they have brought to bear on every other problem facing America.

Like the fight against terror, where our incopetence let Osama escape from one country to another so we attacked a third country that had nothing to do with 9-11 and now we are fast closing in on getting more American troops killed with George's remedy for Terror than the number of Americans who were killed in the original act of terror that got George all lathered up in the first place.

Over 51,000 American troops have been wounded so badly that they were unable to return to duty in Iraq.

67% of those injuries were head and brain injuries.

George's cure has not only not solved the Terror problem, it has devastated America.

If we had spent less than ten percent of the cost of the Iraq war on energy conservation and renewable energy sources...The Saudis, Bush's friends and the main source of Osama's funds, would be headed for financial recession right this very minute, and the Iranians would be in the same boat.

Think about it.



From our "I'll be Danged!" Department:

Hey, check this out. The Editor of the Roane County News, Teri Likens, is included in this anthology:

A newspaper Editor who can actually write....Who knew?

Grandcanyon Association

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