Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Albert Gonzoles won't testify under oath in the NSA Forth Amendment violation hearings in Congress. George Bush nor Dick Cheney would testify under oath at the 9-11 hearings.

Gee...I Wonder why?

The Senate Republicans refused to have Gonzoles sworn in so that some simple questions could be asked in the context of good old Albert going to jail if he lied. It was no big deal, actually, merely a simple Constitutional crisis. Albert simply did not want to answer, or have to refuse to answer, a couple of questions like,

"The President has stated that these warrantless wiretaps were only used on Bad People...And only on calls made to foreign countries. Did you wiretap any calls involving the President's political enemies?"

The dam is breaking on the wiretaps and several insiders have come forward with damaginf information on the Bush administration...It is only a matter of time.




I'm going to the islands for a few days, but I wouldn't want you folks to be relaxing while I'm gone so here's some extra reading. First, this allegorical tale from the Angry Liberal illustrates our situation and the clear solution, "Duh":

The angry liberal

While you're at it Buzzflash can give you enough info each day to keep you fairly riled up until I get back.

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  1. Elsewhere I see him referred to as "Abu Gonzales." I like Gonzoles. I'm working on Abu bin Gonzo.