Saturday, February 25, 2006

I read the News Today...Oh, Boy...

Well, ok, it was yesterday's news. Out here, the paper comes in the mail around noonish, and we tend to read the morning paper later that night, or the next morning as the case may be.

So I'm looking at the front page to see what the editors of the Knoxville paper think is important.

At the top of the page is the weather, how much the paper costs, and the fact that the Lady Vols beat Auburn.

Then we find out that Governor Bredesen is pretty upset at President W trying to sell off the people's land. Bredesen is trying to figure out how to preserve thousands of acres of land that Bowater is selling off and now the Prez goes and tries to sell off land that the people already own, and don't really want to sell. Actually, I suspect the Prez found out about this from a newspaper he didn't read. He seems to be the last to know what happens in his administration.

Then we get the main big picture article about saving a church and right below that an article on a guy named Dango Moore, who's mother is a Bishop in the True House Church of God. Dango is going to jail for the "victimless crime", as his attorney called it, of distributing crack cocaine. His mother's church was founded because Dango Moore's brother was shot dead during a gun attack over a drug deal. Phillip Moore was an innocent bystander along with several other people who happened to be passing through a parking lot when he was murdered as gunmen tried to ambush a rival drug dealer. The Judge gave Dango 12 years in jail to see if he could come up with the name of a possible victim in the gang war and drug conspiracy.

And in the Side the second paragraph of the side bar... there's a note that seven more soldiers were killed in Iraq.

In the side bar of the side bar there's this:

"Featured President Bush a low grade on talking straight with his constituency." (page 11)

I don't think Bush actually lies. I don't think he has a clue in the first place. He found out about his people selling our seaports from an AP reporter, apparently.

President Bush should read the Newspapers. Then he'd know what was going on.

I'll bet that if you ask a local Newspaper reader around here what was in the paper, you find out:

Tennessee beat Auburn!



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