Sunday, February 05, 2006

Evil Organization Threatens America

As a service to Readers of the "Creek", I have startling information on a threat, far more grave than Al Queda! A threat to every American, but far more serious than any speculative terrorist danger, this one is real...These people propose to kill and injure tens of thousands of Americans each year unless we stop them. And tragically, this evil scourge comes from within America. They have already begun their dastardly work, and have killed thousands...Who is this enemy of America?

Bush Administration officials at the EPA, of course.

Who will stop them?


The scientists are soooooo pissed that they went public, jeapardizing their jobs to warn America.

The Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, mandated by Congress to review such proposals, asserted Friday that the standards put forward by EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson ignored most of the committee's earlier recommendations and could lead to additional heart attacks, lung cancer and respiratory ailments.

Actually, the attacks on Science, led by Creationists and Intelligent Design Radicals, have undermined America's ability to make real judgements about environmental health. One thing bothers me, though...How in the hell can anyone possibly justify stealing someone else's health by saying it will hurt their business's profits?

Jeebus Freekin Crap!

I detest these people.

Peace, of course.


And PS: Support your local Scientist ,why don't you?

Good Scientists vs Evil Bastards



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