Tuesday, July 10, 2007


How come every time a big name republican gets caught for a sex crime, he starts talking in tongues?

The DC Madam claims the first Senatorial scalp from releasing her phone records, which the Bush Administration tried to keep secret, by the way.

Shorter Senator Vitter: "God forgives me. My wife forgives me. Out of respect for my family, that's all I'm going to say."

Would you file this under "Whoremonger speaks for god?" Wonder how Vitter heard from god? A light from above, some angelic voices, and a basso Charleton Heston saying, "It's cool, Dave. Now that christians can't have concubines,we understand you turning to the pros for a little relief. I slap your wrist, you bad boy. Now go get checked for STD's and explain how I forgave you to your wife. Of course she'll believe you. Just tell her god said it was OK...But Dude, You're on your own breaking it to your kids that Daddy is gonna be on TV. Even I can't help with that one."

Senator Vitter, R-LA , says he's sorry...and I agree. I would , however, be interested in exactly when he decided to ask his wife and god for forgiveness...Before or after he knew he was busted?

Russ makes the bigger connection even if he does keep it between the lines.

More SiCKO:

If you guys missed Michael Moore's smackdown of Wolf Blitzer on CNN, part two rolls around today with Sanjay Gupta and Moore going at each other. Bitzer will presumably stand for the entire interview, due to the major ass kicking he got yesterday.

Here's another review:

“..."Sicko” is one sided. Moore doesn't spend any time defending our broken down health care system, which leaves 45 million Americans without health insurance, which is ranked is ranked 37th among nations in quality of care and which overcharges us – often to the point of bankruptcy – and makes deliberate decisions to deny health care to individuals and, as Moore clearly demonstrates, allows people to die needlessly for the sake of protecting overblown profits."



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