Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mantra for 7-7-07

We're twitching between Wimbledon and Live Earth.

Watching the Black Eyed Peas do Misserlou is too weird. Misserlou was done by Dick Dale in 1962 and now passed forward. What takes this home for me is that in 1966 I was playing in a rock band with Misserlou as our signature opening song. How was I to know it was a Greek-Turkish-maybe-Cretan song about an Arab girl?

The song is wall to wall classic surfer guitar and that's all we cared about. Now it's being used to try and save the planet?... Works for me.

For those who wondered for even a second, Dick Dale did it better than we did.... the Peas do it different, but I'm sticking with Dick Dale. (The link takes you to a belly dancing site with a video)

Now I wish I had a complete collection of the Ventures to complete my musical journey.

We'll be at a Live Earth Party later today with several people who've met Al Gore. We'll be chanting the Live Earth mantra...

Run, Al, Run!



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  1. HelenNSteve sent me this comment...

    Hey, I've met Al Gore! He helped me get a passport because I didn't have a birth certificate, only a birth was Florida, enough said? Al's secretary was at lunch, so he sauntered out of his office and told me that, "I know how to do this! Give me $25 and 3 days." When I came back, I had a passport. When asked how I could repay him, he replied, "Vote for me." And I have, repeatedly, and will again if he runs.

    This should also say something about Al Gore's character: My sister-in-law's sister's boyfriend is a mailman who delivers mail to the Gores in Nashville. They are invited to every pre-opening event that Al and Tipper have for the climate change, movie openings, Live Earth, etc. They occasionally even make it onto the Gores' social calendar. I think Al likes to keep his finger on the pulse of us lower beings whose votes count as much as those of the higher beings.