Monday, July 09, 2007

Pieces of Silver

I posted part of this on but something has caught my eye that I need to add:

So now I have a question that must have occurred to lots of people over the years, as their own country went through the run-up to fascism. Fascism is the form of government in which corporations rule instead of people...We're only halfway there but we're moving at warp speed and we'ld better get busy or there'll be no stopping it.

The question is this:

The research department of a mega corporation issues an internal report that says it's current business practices will be very profitable for the next generation or two, after that time, however, these very business practices will result in widespread devastation and will ultimately contribute to the end of civilization as we know it. If Mega-Corp immediately ceases these business practices it will result in the bankruptcy and the loss of billions of dollars by stockholders all over the world.

At the next meeting behind closed doors and with no recordings of the proceedings, the top management of the company will make a decision. What do you think it will be?

A. A unanimous vote to cease operations, liquidate the company, and save civilization?

B. A majority vote to reassign the head of the research department and continue operations as is, with greater emphasis on marketing the company's charitable gifts?

C. There is no C.

I have listed option B as a majority vote because I have a deep down belief in humanity and think that there would be one human being on the Board of Directors who would vote to save humanity...Could be wrong, though.

The vote to end civilization on account of Mega Corp will make a profit might be unanimous.

There are plenty of real life examples of Mega-Corp.

Coal companies, all coal companies, for one. Coal IS sequestered carbon. We should immediately cease its extraction from the earth. This is obvious. Is National Coal liquidating?

Concentrated animal Feed operations (CAFO's) destroy...I mean DESTROY...water quality downstream of their operations.

Tobacco Companies sell bad health. It is their product.

Energy companies...etc. etc...

And remember...There is no "C"

Now for something truly frightening...

"... the private spy industry has succeeded where no foreign government has: It has penetrated the CIA and is running the show."

Yes, in America's descent into fascism, The CIA has now been outsourced to Corporations. But just so Americans won't be outraged...The report has been classified, so what you don't know can't hurt the fascists.

Corporations have rights and you don't. With their ability to funnel large sums of money to pieces of slime like Tom Delay and his K street Project, Entities with neither soul nor conscience now control our public process and our clandestine operations.

Over the horizon goes a great experiment in human freedom...sold for 40 pieces of silver.



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