Friday, July 13, 2007

Crap on America

Ah yes. I see that once again, Florida is leading the way in reserving its legal system for the important things society needs to be saved from.

So if you crap on the American flag, you face a year in jail and a $1000 fine. But if you crap on America, the president commutes your sentence?

What this guy did was ugly. But to jail someone for dissing the flag of a country with a president who advocates breaking the law in order to continue to get away with, well, breaking the law...seems sort of out of whack with reality, doesn't it?

Our media serves up a never ending stream of crap like that. I say keep it on that little rack next to the checkout line where it belongs where the headlines read "Madonna adopts Alien Baby", instead of on what should be legitimate news programs.

Our evening news should not be about perverted sex.

I joke about republican sex lives but there's more to it than sex.

Actually, what I joke about is the hypocrisy of republican sex lives.

Hypocrisies like Senator Vitter speaking on the Sanctity of Marriage while paying hookers to bang him.

You bet We got video just for you "alien baby" people.

But I think republican puppetmasters choose screwed up people like Vitter to run for office for a sinister reason...Normal healthy people with normal healthy sex lives are much more difficult to manipulate into doing corrupt things from a position of power. If you're screwed up and Karl Rove has the goods and he calls you for a favor...What do you do?

Karl Rove will ruin your life.,,or he'll make you rich and get you millions in corporate campaign donations...An honest person would have trouble with that moral delimma...Someone like Senator Vitter (Cunningham, DeLay, Santorum, George Bush...yeah, him) is pretty easy to control.

Do the our dirty work and we'll make nice to you. Like this:

"Sen. Vitter serves on the Committee on Environment and Public Works and its Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety. Energy PACs gave him money. Duke Energy gave him $10,000 for his Senate campaign. Centerpoint Energy gave him $3,500. El Paso Corp., which owns North America’s largest natural gas pipeline system, gave him $6,500. Entergy Corp., which seeks a revival of the nuclear power industry, gave him $7,000. Overall, the oil and gas industries have given him $459,085 and the electric utility industry $110,666."

That comes from a well written expose of what Corporations mean to the American Political process and how Senator Vitter keeps getting enough money to pay for all those hookers. It's from Scholars and Rogues in a piece called "Forget his Penis, follow the money."

I think this is like the republican red herring strategy of "Look! a shiny object" while voting their friends massive federal contracts. Only this time the press is going "Look! A Penis!"

The truth of this matter is that immoral people do immoral things. Is perverting the American system of government by diverting tax payer money to your friends better than frequenting hookers? How about continuing to support an immoral and disasterous war? How about the lying under oath, standing in contempt of Congress, and perjury?

I say it's worse!

So who are the real criminals? The guy who craps on the flag?

Or the Republicans like Vitter who crap on America?



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  1. "So if you crap on the American flag, you face a year in jail and a $1000 fine. But if you crap on America, the president commutes your sentence?"

    Now that's a keeper. :)

    Great post. The hypocrisy of these asshats is almost unequaled in history with the possible exception of the Inquisitions.

    More phone numbers to be traced. The ones that failed to use a clean cell phone to call in their adultery orders will wish they had very soon.