Monday, July 16, 2007


"I think they are carp," said the lady on the left as she looked into the water.

"That's not a carp," said the other one, "It's a tadpole"

"No it's not," said the first, "too big!"

I stood at the edge of the small lake in Montreat, NC admiring a fine crop of bull frog tadpoles happily munching the algae on the concrete walls of the dam.

Frankly, I've seen smaller carp.

I tried to get a short hike in on the Grey Beard trail but there was no place to park and I didn't have time to walk from the lower parking area a mile lower on the road. The activity at the parks around Montreat was entertainment enough.

"I still think they're baby carp," said the lady on the left, as I smiled at them and walked away. They had their mystery and who was I to take it away.



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  1. Jeff D-D1:54 PM

    It is clearly a step up to go from talking abour crap to talking about carp...even if they are misidentified.