Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Most Important Day In Iraq History

The Asia Cup is big!

It makes the Super Bowl look like a cheap publicity stunt. Rather than determine a championship between sports teams located in different cities in the same country, The Asia Cup determines a championship involving more than half the human beings on this entire planet.

The Iraqi Soccer team defeated South Korea and faces Saudi Arabia today, July 29, 2007, to determine who holds the Asia Cup for the next year. There are two possible outcomes...One of them could rock the very foundations of Iraq.

After Iraq defeated South Korea in the semifinal game, scores of people were killed and more wounded by two car bombs set off in the midst of celebrants. A few more were killed by random bullets joyously fired from the AK 47's that every man in Iraq seems to carry.

If you want to see what the NRA Gun Utopia looks like, here's a good example. In Iraq, They shoot people when they're mad...They shoot people when they're glad.

"I'd like to congratulate all my people in Iraq for this great victory," Goalkeeper Noor Sabri told reporters. "We know we are struggling inside Iraq..."

"Tonight was a huge victory for Arab football," said Brazilian coach of the Saudis, Helio Cesar dos Anjos. "I hope it will bring peace and happiness to the people of Iraq and also in Saudi Arabia."

Me too! I hope it will bring peace and happiness. Whatever happens, I guarantee somebody will get shot.

In the Middle East for this day, here is what really matters.

AS for George W. Bush, he can point to one thing and one thing only that is the sole good to come of his stupid stupid war...The Iraqi Soccer team got a new coach.



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  1. It's interesting. The bromide is "An armed society is a polite society." My experience in the Balkans where every man, woman and child seemed to have a Kalashnijkov did not leave me with the impression that people were enforcing polite behavior with them. Mostly they were walking around, holding the rifles incorrectly, calling magazines "clips," keeping their "boogerhooks on the bangswitches." Also, they were mostly acting as the foot soldiers of an ideological war trying to maintain Old Order Europe. What's the best way to do that? Arm everyone, tell them that they are being armed to protect "their way of life" even if that way of life itself is brutalizing and, frankly, the epitome of anti-solidarity.