Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Home again

Back from Texas!

2 a.m. second glass of sleeping medicine may kick in soon. Humidity...may dissolve in a sticky puddle...

Morning and it's beautiful here. Green things all over the place. It sure looks good outside, even through eyes hampered by four hours of missing sleep. I'll catch up eventually.

There was a sadness at seeing my oldest son play thye last club soccer game of his career. Every team he went up against was loaded with talent and "name" players, some of whom may eventually play at the highest levels in the world. I took hundreds of photos of Joe going up against them. I'll keep them for later as presents.

In my mind, the tournament turned out perfectly for us. Thomas recovered from his deep thigh bruise too late for the scouts to see him but just in time for him to crush the Arkansas state champions and go home a winner. Joe's team knocked the N.C. state champ out in their last game. In four years, they had never even scored on them and this year they beat them by two goals. I did have a few moments of economic grief watching Joe beat more than one player who has a soccer scholarship to UNC, Wake Forest, or Duke. Why am I paying for school? What does he think college is for...an education?...Well actually, danged if it ain't.

Not much of a spectator sport that way, though.

On to snarky things:

President Bush will give a speech tonight. I expect it will be all about how we are winning the war in Iraq and you can tell because more American troops are getting blown up now than at any time since our "Mission" was "Accomplished" two years ago...Remember that?

I predict that George Bush will sentence another 1000 American warriors to death, tonight, by not announcing the withdrawal of America troops. Isn't it obvious to everyone that we are the problem, now? There will be continued war in Iraq until we leave. America hasn't the resources, nor the will, to have thousands more of our children die in Iraq...But that is where Bush is headed...or rather, that is where he is sending us.

In the meantime, while our troops are getting blown up...

He'll be mountain biking.




  1. Welcome home and great pics. Di you use the new blog feature to upload them?

  2. Yes, I'm breathlessly counting the minutes until we get to hear new Bushisms..

  3. Delighted you survived Plano's heat -- and with great pix!

    About the thousand more... don't miss "Billmon's post today about "Grass."

  4. Blogger's new picture poster is absolutley so simple, even I can do it! Tomorrow...I'll post the shot of Jump Rock.

    Been there yet, Laureate? Go all the way to the Piney and walk upstream through the woods 150 yards. Don't let pups follow you off! I know you'll go for it...only thirty five feet.