Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Oh wow, man this is really weird, like, you know, the Supreme Court just busted Medical marijuana, man, and you know what, man?

They made the ruling based on the commerce clause in the Constitution, which is really weird man, because our constitutional rag only says the Feds have power in interstate commerce which means, man, that you know, the goods have to get across the line, like from you know Tennessee to Georgia... and like everybody knows that when we grow our medicine we don't send it out to no other state, man, and like the Supremes said maybe like if some medicine existed then they just it would get transported so someone might break a law even though they haven't yet... because some states think it's OK to like, self medicate, and like some don't, so they just knew some sick people would go get their own medicine and so they get to make laws even though no medicinal proof was presented, and so like since some medicine might cross a state line somewhere and might break a law, they get to make a law saying sick people who don't break laws can't have their medicine, but who knows if they will but the Supremes didn't care 'cause they said they get to pass laws on the medicine that didn't cross the line too because it might, and since there was the possiblity that since this medicine existed that state line law might be broken so they got to make a law...

Which would be fine except they said exactly the opposite thing, man, when they were talking about .50 caliber assault weapons which can shoot down planes...

...But Charleton Heston needs one of those, man, because it makes him feel good all over, but we can't make no law about those things because it wouldn't be fair to punish law abiding gun whackos just because some other gun whacko might break a law and shoot down a plane, but man that medicine it's evil because it, you know man, makes people feel good all over, but you can't shoot down airliners with medicine but you might take medicine across a state line somewhere to like, you know man, make some sick person feel good all over for just a little while, and it isn't fair to punish a gun whacko for some crime he hasn't committed yet so he gets to buy his guns and ammo, but it IS fair to punish a cancer victim because someone else hasn't committed a crime yet, so like now we got a decision of the Supreme Court of the United States of America based entirely on you know, like,

Smoke, man!

And you know what's really weird, man? Guess which Supremes voted FOR medicine?

Sandra Day O'Conner, (well sure, State's rights all the way) Clarence Thomas (Oh yeah, right, man, never can tell when a brother might need a little medicine) and the other Justice that voted FOR Medical Marijuana?

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, William Renquist, The only Justice suffering from terminal cancer.

Thanks Judge, I hope you get your medicine!

Peace, man!



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(Love the dog, Charlie)

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  1. heh. ain't life strange man?

  2. Visiting via Poopie. Far out funny, dude...