Sunday, June 26, 2005


Well, Howdy from the Southeast regional Soccer tounament in Dallas, Texas... It's hot.

I'm not doing a good job of writing just now, but I plead busy processing hundreds of soccer photos each day and the fact that the DoubleTree hotel charges ten bucks a day for broadband. Call me cheap.

The boys are playing well but their teams have hit the toughest draw in the tournament. Several of the teams they've been up against have players that will not play Division 1 ball in college...they'll go straight to the professional leagues. It's fun to watch this level of performance and great officiating for a change. As a result, these games have been the cleanest I've seen. There's a lot of money running around on the field and the whistles and flags better protect the college's interests by calling the fouls.

Anyway, today is the last day for us. then there's the brutal busride home. Until I get back, here's some stuff I found interesting.

How about a politically charged new album from my old favorite, John Prine:

“Have you ever noticed/When you’re feeling really good/There’s always a pigeon/That’ll come shit on your hood/Or you’re feeling your freedom/And the world’s off your back/Some cowboy from Texas/Starts his own war in Iraq.”

Read a review and support BuzzFlash here:

John Prine

Having served time with really powerful and nasty people, I found this one extremely interesting. See who you can pick out that fits the profile:

Are corporations fundamentally psychopathic organizations that attract similarly disposed people? It's a compelling idea, especially given the recent evidence. Such scandals as Enron and WorldCom aren't just aberrations; they represent what can happen when some basic currents in our business culture turn malignant. We're worshipful of top executives who seem charismatic, visionary, and tough. So long as they're lifting profits and stock prices, we're willing to overlook that they can also be callous, conning, manipulative, deceitful, verbally and psychologically abusive, remorseless, exploitative, self-delusional, irresponsible, and megalomaniacal.


Here's a site I just noticed via Atrios. American Soldiers want Karl Rove to know a few things:


Back in Tennessee tomorrow.



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