Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Jump Rock

This is Jump Rock on Piney Creek. The top rock is roughly 35 feet above the water. Taken last week on a morning walk.


  1. Next time you're in Texas on a hot day, see if you can make it to Hamilton Pool, a big, springfed, cool waterhole in the middle of ranch country that looks a lot like that photo. It's been protected, so you have to park your car at some distance and walk down through big trees and zizzing heat... and then plunge! 50' waterfall helps, too!

  2. Is that on your property?

  3. I guess I haven't found that one, Whitescreek.

    Steer me in the right direction before you go, would you?

    I meant to tell you when you first sent the picture that I gasped when I saw it.

    It's a beautiful, beautiful place, and if there's little risk of busting my head (or more likely, arse) on a rock, well, yeah, I'll go for it.

  4. I took the picture from my property but the rock is just off my place. There are several platforms to jump from, so you can work your way up to the top, which has a spectacular view even if you don't try to fly.

    Jump left if you go off!

    To find it for the first time, I recommend following the trail/road from Black Creek road 1 1/2 miles up stream until it hits the Piney. Bushwhack 100 yards upstream and there you are.