Thursday, June 09, 2005


Well, good morning...

I see the Republicans are all upset about Howard Dean calling them names, but I can't figure out what upset them, exactly. Are they mad about being called...


or Christian?

I would never have called them Christians, anyway. I figure if you are going to be a Christian, you can't pick out one commandment and screech about it, while ignoring the others.

Republicans bemoan Bill Clinton's hedging on the "Thy shalt not commit adultery" clause, which has several meanings and different definitions depending on where you are in the book, by the way. Whether or not you have to stone to death a girl who gets raped depends on whether she gets raped in the city or the country...All Christians know this, right?

Well anyway, it seems to me that somebody is making alot of noise and rumbling in order to keep the brush aimed at Hillary full of tar, while a the same time ignoring those other commandments...

"Thy shalt not bear false witness against thy fellow man"

"Thy shalt not steal"

"Thy shalt not seethe a calf in its mother's milk"

I mean, talk about your justification for capital punishment! Poorly prepared veal has got to be it!

Picking out one commandment is probably as bad as picking out one Amendment to the Bill of Rights, like say the Second, and ignoring all the others, like say the First!

Yes, to all guns, all the time...No to all Free Speech all the time? Only works if you are a Republican!


The Republican leadership, clearly stung by Howard Dean's remark about them never having had an honest job, is trying to attack Howard by nitpicking his remarks. Dean was clearly talking about a particular Republican when he was talking about "Honest" jobs...Quickly, now...Name a job that George Bush has done?

Governor?..........Nope, not honest! Even lied about the Texas miracle in the schools, see! Got caught cooking the books on graduation rates, big time.

Harken Energy?....Nothing honest about that one! George made the motion to fake the books and rip of stock holders.

Spectrum 7? ....Failed and had to be rescued by family friends (read Saudis)

Arbusto Energy?....Oh yeah! Osama Bin Laden's favorite older brother Salem Bin Laden sets George up in a dummy oil exploration business with a Spanish name "arbusto" that the Bush family says means "bush" but what Arbusto actually means is:


Tanked! Never found one drop of oil...

Well now we are left with the Nation's highest ranking Republican and we are trying to locate an Honest job he has performed, and no luck so far but, take heart Americans, ther's two possibilities left:

National Guard?...Yeah, right!...George W. Bush Honestly didn't show up.

President of the United States?

Iraq WMD's, Mushroom cloud, Biological Weapons armed and ready to launch in 45 minutes, No Child left behind, Save Social Security, Medicare Reform costs billions, "...Catapult the Propaganda" (Yeah, he said that!), and "We're against torture!"...

So has Bush done an honest job in his current position?

Let me paint a picture in your mind using two captions from recent news events:

A photograph from 1971 has surfaced and been printed in English papers showing Osama, age 14, and his brother Salem, age 19, enjoying a summer holiday at the Astoria Hotel in Falun, Sweden. Christina Akerblad, the hotel owner, told the Daily Mail, "They were beautiful boys, so elegantly dressed. Everybody loved them."

One of those Beautiful boys would grow up to be Bush's first business partner, while the other one would form the most succesful terrorist organization in history. And the other caption?

"I believe the title of the memo was, 'Al Queda determined to attack inside the United States.'"

Honest? I report, you decide!



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  1. Honesty and decency are for wimps, Steve. There are Christians going out at 2 in the a.m. on a January night in (say) Philly to hand out blankets to the homeless and there is a squadron of self-styled Christians staying at home, damning the activists and calling them panderers to the sinners. When are we going to stop calling the latter "Christians"?

    Here's a goody for you...