Saturday, July 26, 2008

Come on Ref! Call the fouls on him, not me!

John McCain has been whining at the top of his lungs about the Media being way too nice to Obama. In sports we call this, "Working the Refs."

Any team that is constantly in the ref's face about the other guy cheating is usually...cheating.

Well now we find out that CBS has doctored, not one, but TWO John McCain screw ups out of an interview with Katie Couric. He flubbed his answers, is the polite way of saying he lied about things. One answer he just got totally senile wrong. So CBS doctored the tape and then broadcast it on the Today show.

Damn you, CBS! For being unfair to poor old John.

Now we see that FOX News has doctored a John McCain tape as well. OK, Fox News, no surprise here. And they did it badly, showing video from John McCain from eight years ago, when he was merely old. Fox was too stupid to edit the McCain 2000 poster in the background, so it was a lousy fake job.

So now we have something that could screw up, not only the media's credentials for being "fair and balanced" but something is happening here that is far more sinister. If TV Networks keep doctoring John McCain video to make him look less unfit for office, and doing it so badly, they are going to continue to get caught. Getting caught is much worse than actually cheating, which is no big deal in the conservative universe. It's considered a talent.

No, it's getting caught cheating that undermines all of society's precious values. Think about it...If we can no longer trust CBS and Fox to do a seamless job of doctoring videos, we are going to totally lose confidence in the... INSTANT REPLAY!

This could destroy the American Nation's confidence in their electoral process, sure, but what about those close calls at Wimbledon? What about those instant replays in the Super Bowl, Huh?

If our TV Networks can't do a better job of presenting a false reality, we will never know who really won the NFL Championship, and that, my friends, will have a devastating effect on the very fabric of American society.

It's not stealing elections and taking America into a war on false premises that will destroy us, people...

It's doing it so badly that they get caught.



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