Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where's the Demand for an Apology?

The current eruption of mock outrage from Tennessee Republican Chairwoman Robin Smith would look like a well orchestrated political move, typical of state republicans, except for Smith's inability to make complete sentences in her emails. Smith, you will remember, was put in the hit seat over her party's forwarding of an email with Obama wearing traditional Kenyon clothing and claiming it was "Muslim" and that since Obama had been endorsed by Louis Farrakan, he was anti-semitic.

Tennessee Republicans have apparently been waiting for something to be "outraged" about, and chose a release of one of Smith's nutty emails to the Governor, which is a public document after all, to be outraged and saddened by these tactics by the "Democratic machine."

Let's refresh our memories on "outrageous tactics" from the republicans who start wioth something and then careen off into the vapors with ridiculous speculations presented as fact:

NASHVILLE - The Tennessee Republican Party chairwoman said Wednesday it was appropriate to use Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama's middle name in a press release issued under the headline "Anti-Semites for Obama,"

The release, which first appeared on the state GOP Web site, also posted a picture of Obama in what it described as "Muslim attire."

"There is nothing to apologize for," she said.

Knox News Sentinel

Note that there has been absolutely ZERO mention of all the right wing preacher nut job endorsements that McCain has had to UN-accept.

Republican Chair Robin Smith is a symptom of what is so wrong with our political process. There is a deep dishonesty in her half of the process and a willingness to let it slide on the part of most news media, and a massive double standard that examines Democratic candidates in minute detail but lets republican candidates get by with slanderous conduct.

The terribly unfortunate New Yorker cover cartoon is already being sent around by right wingers saying "See! We told you so." as if it were fact. The American media is failing its own country and will deserve the government they get. The problem is that you and I will not.



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