Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vote for McCain...He's Unpopular!

So how does a guy who owns more mansions than John Kerry get away with calling Barack Obama the code word for "uppity" ?

I mean he shows up in front of reporters in a golf cart driven by G. H. W. Bush with a sign in front of him that says "Property of 41" while wearing $520 designer loafers and talks about the arrogance of his opponent?

His most recent attack ad plays the you know what card by showing the deeply cliche'd blonde white girls alongside Obama, and, as 200,000 Europeans wildly cheer Obama, McCain tries to say that being popular is a bad thing?

Is McCain trying the old Karen Hughes trick of saying "who would you rather have a beer with? The alchoholic, Right! Vote for McCain...He's Unpopular!

I don't know. McCain goads Obama into going to Iraq and then gets pissed because Obama is swarmed by adoring Troops, and is welcomed as he is royalty everywhere he goes, by everyone he meets.

Well, John McCain went to Germany too. He met with the German President while he was there, too. How about that? Yep, John McCain met with the German President Vladimir Putin.

I Freekin' swear!



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