Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Nice House(s)

Astute observers are getting to play the "Watch for the (R)hetoric" game in a big way this election cycle.

Poker players recognize the tactic as "(I got Nothin') I'm All In!"

It's all bluff. There are no issues republicans can point to and say "We did a good job on that." The War, the Economy, Healthcare...They have done a really good job of helping the very very rich become absolutely stinking filthy rich, and mostly on war profiteering tax money at that.

Otherwise Republicans really suck at government.

So if you have the worst political record in modern history, what do you base your Presidential campaign on? Bullshit and rhetoric. Skip the evidence, because you don't have any on your side, and go straight to the closing argument. "Don't convict my client, ladies and gentlemen, because even though he is a serial axe murderer, look at the beautiful garden he grew over the top of the bodies he buried." The problem with even that is that the roses are dead this time.

It's nothing new. Remember the emails blasting John Kerry for all those houses? They tried to take Kerry down by saying he just married his money and now he spends it on a bunch of mansions. Hey??? Wait a minute...Married his money? Owns a bunch of mansions? Are we talking about John Kerry of John McCain here?

I personally find Teresa Heinz Kerry to be far more interesting than Cindy Budweiser McCain, but that may just be a matter of personal taste. What I also find interesting is the attacks on Obama's personal residence, which accounts for a significant part of his net worth, and the absolute silence on McCain's 10 residences averaging $1.3 million each and the fact that McCain is running a six figure personal credit card debt and hasn't paid his property taxes on time. They've put several of their homes on the market, recently. What's up with that?

The most amazing thing I've heard rhetoric wise was the attack on Obama claiming HE is the one playing the race card, since he told his supporters to watch out for Republicans playing the race card. A conservative columnist in the Knoxville News Sentinel made that exact statement and closed his piece with "The choice in this election is between black and white."




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