Monday, July 14, 2008

Species Count for Whites Creek

Pat, from Conservation Fisheries, has this count of fish species for last Saturday...

Pending a check with J.R., we observed 24 fish species, with one unverified, but likely correct:

longnose gar, largescale stoneroller, whitetail shiner, warpaint shiner, river chub, Tennessee shiner, sawfin shiner, bluntnose minnow, northern hogsucker, golden redhorse (or black, but what I saw appeared to be the former; silver, river, and shorthead also possible, but I don't think we saw any), rock bass, redbreast sunfish, bluegill, longear sunfish, smallmouth bass, greenside darter, rainbow darter, bluebreast darter, fantail darter (1? may only be one prior record in upper Fall or Piney), redline darter, snubnose darter, tangerine darter, logperch, and freshwater drum.

This is a Tangerine Darter male taken at the Conservation Fisheries facility. You can swim with them at Whites Creek. We did.
More time and effort in riffle habitats and deep waters, and more rock turning would likely yield 35+...

Randy got this shot of the first Diana Fritillary female of the year:

She looks totally different with her wings closed. Still beautiful.


  1. Anonymous6:06 PM

    the county road, Old Gordon Road, is now blocked. I use to take my family camping there. A lot of people are mad and you may get your property tied up in court. That road that you blocked was givin from a federal grant to General George Gordon. Again, this property was not even suppose to be sold, besides the fact of someone blocking the road. You don't want this in court sir so take the chain down.

  2. The 12 land owners who are a part of this project have no problem with the road closure. There has been enough damage to the lands we pay taxes on, and enough damage to the roads we use to maintain our property. Most responsible ORV riders understand the problem and are working with us to restore the watershed. At some point in the future we hope to make this a publicly accessible land, but for now, it has to recover from the damage that irresponsible people have caused.

    You can help or you can stand in the way. It's your choice.