Thursday, July 03, 2008

Forward Backward Reverse Inward Twist

Pundits are going to have to come up with a new term this season..."Flip-flopper" is so limited that it doesn't come close to describing John McCain, and it is nearly impossible to keep up with his wrigglings and twistings as his statements contradict themselves, sometimes within minutes of each other.

I am thinking that McCain is pretty flexible for an old person, and in order to get and adequate description of his abilities, we should be watching the Olympic Diving trials now taking place in Knoxville for some ideas.

Since this is so complicated, I have found this nifty link to a chart that can help us with the names. So far, I think McCain is up to a "Forward Flipping Backward Flopping Reverse Inward Twisting 2 1/2 summersault from the Tuck position with a Rollover to the Religious Right"...But I may be missing something.

John McCain is not George W. Bush. McCain lacks W's cunning political ruthlessness, nor the ability to lie in any consistent manner. Bad liars get nailed when they can't remember their lies and McCain gets nailed time and time again when he claims he never said "whatever it is this time" and a damning video pops up on You-Tube minutes later proving he did.

A fresh case in point: McCain's failure to support America's Troops with regard to the New G I Bill, failing to support it by either word or action, even speaking out against it, and then coming out with praise for his own "hard work" to deliver the Bill for W's signature. Veteran's groups all over this country are expressing their disappointment in the one man who should be solidly on their side, but simply isn't there for them.

What we are seeing in John McCain is a man with a very small to nonexistent ethical base, willing to say whatever he thinks will sway the people he's speaking to at the moment. He's compromised most of his long held moral positions in an orgy of pandering. That may have worked in Old Arizona back in the day, but it will never fly in a You-Tube World.

The only hope for Republicans is to blast outrageous lies at Barack Obama over and over as they play the whole race deck. This is why McCain has brought the Swift Boaters on board his Straight Talk express. This is why the NRA has announced a $40 Million ad campaign against Obama. This is why everyone has to understand what is going on and be ready with simply stated facts when this garbage flies out.

McCain's powers are dwindling and he no longer holds any solid positions of his own. All he has are the tenets of the Neo-Conservative train wreck that lie in vestigal form sickening America as its appendix gone bad.

So in order to help everyone keep up with the "Dive of the Day" here is a handy reference, not to the names of the Olympic dives, but of the most egregious instances of McCain's Flops.



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  1. Anonymous9:16 PM

    The biggest demise I see facing Obama's campaign at this moment is the continuing bombardment of emails from republicans claiming that Obama is Muslim. I hope the Democrats have a thought out plan to battle this issue. I know of some Democrats who are falling for it and are claiming they won't vote for him for this reason. But, I'm not totally convinced that their reasoning is not more racially motivated and they are only using this reason as an excuse.