Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"...How Good you are!"

My pick for Barack Obama's running mate has been changing.

Originally I wanted Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico for several reasons. Top on the list of qualifications is Richardson's ability to get legislation passed. It took an activist Vice Pres. to get our Country screwed up so badly that he and the President can break the law at will and then ram the FISA bill through Congress and retroactively gain immunity for all their cohorts. It will take an activist Veep to help undo the damage.

My first choice for the next Vice President was my first choice for President when all this got started. I am a John Edwards fan.

As we settle in with Obama as the nominee, we can take a hard look at him and realize that he's a top notch manager, extremely smart, and a bit too willing to work with a consensus. Normally that would be a good thing, but his work place will be Washington, D.C., where "Consensus" is just one more barrel of crap on the commodities market. Every day we see how lobbyist money corrupts the democratic process. When a multinational corporation wants something, it buys a consensus of lawmakers who are willing to "Work for Food."

Food in this world consisting of favors and campaign donations. Why else would an elected official of the opposition party vote for a FISA bill that retroactively exonerates AT&T, Verizon, and several others for knowingly breaking the wiretap laws protecting the Constitutional right to Privacy of American citizens?

American Citizens...That would be you and me, and all our family.

Obama has taken one amazing step in ordering the Democratic Party to stop taking Lobbyist and Pac donations for the remainder of this Presidential race. That is a calculated move that expects you and I to give more money in small donations than he would have gotten from Corporations and Lobbyists who are only trying to purchase a little "consensus" for the next eight years. Not being able to buy your way out of a jam is a problem for a company like AT&T, which is currently in the process of wiping out local control of cable, phone, and biggest of all, Internet Provider franchises. If you haven't stepped up to the plate and started donating to the Obama campaign, right now might be a good time to promise them $25 a month or so. Over 1,500,000 of your fellow citizens already have, including me. We have to.

Obama is a noble person who rose up through serious odds. Even so, he is not perfect and needs something. He needs a loyal partner with a solid baseline in the personal ethics department. Someone who sees the damage that has been done to our country and is willing to take the bullets when necessary to effect change...A crusader is called for...And it would help if it is a crusader with a very high national visibility who would help carry the load before the election as well as after.

I have come back around to John Edwards for Vice President.

Edwards speaking to his hometown of Seneca, SC.
Polls show Edwards is actually a significant help to the ticket by several percentage points. There was little doubt that Obama would ask Edwards to serve in some capacity... Attorney General had been mentioned, and someone very very strong will be needed as this is the primary source of corruption in the Bush Administration, without which none of the other outrages could have occurred and even more prominent Republicans would already be behind bars.

The biggest deterrent to John Edwards as Veep is that he has already run as Vice president in a losing effort with John Kerry. Edwards had publicly stated that he wasn't really interested in it, but the earth is shifting as we speak. Edwards has gone from "I haven't considered it" to "Probably not" to "would consider it" and now to "I would seriously consider whatever Barack Obama asks me to do."

Whatever Obama chooses to do, I would hope with all my heart that he keeps John Edwards whispering in his ear throughout his administration. Whatever else he brings, Edwards is a moral voice in America and every bit as good a speaker as Obama. On the podium when John Edwards spoke so forcefully and eloquently in endorsing Barak Obama for President of the United States, I remember the exact words Obama said to him as Edwards finished his speech to screaming and applause...Obama looked at Edwards and hugged him and said...

"Man you are good! I forget how good you are."

America doesn't forget...America remembers.




  1. I don't know what Obama is planning, but John Edwards would clinch it.

    I've got McFuckface losing regardless of who Obama picks, but Edwards would help to galvanize a liberal base that's naturally wary (see Bill Clinton) of being stabbed in the back by a candidate that we supported against the odds.

    Edwards would be a dream come true.

  2. A sweet post. Personally, I prefer that JRE not be asked, but I hope if Obama does pick him, Obama understands John is not to serve Obama, but our country.

    I love your pics.

    I invite readers here to visit as it is a blog inspired by John and Elizabeth Edwards' focus on the issues.

  3. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Democrats over here in Oconee County, SC would LOVE to see our hometown boy Edwards nominated.

    He's a great campaigner and while his performance in the primary was disappointing for those of us who supported him, I think he did really well considering he was wedged in between the two POWERHOUSE campaigns of Obama and Clinton.

    John was underfunded badly and the media barely gave him the time of day... even though it was Edwards who set the pace with the first, (and best) efforts at REAL policy items like a healthcare plan for the country.

    Admittedly, I'm biased... but I hope John gets the nod. They would be an awesome team!

    Ken Campbell,
    Oconee Democrats

  4. Anonymous5:53 PM

    I was hoping for this one to come true from day one. I was pulling for Edwards to become the nominee, but reality told me something different. Obama + Edwards would be my 'drem' ticket.