Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"...Irresponsible Journalism of the Highest Order"

You can surf around the news cable channels and for some unknown reason you get the McCain talking point that the Media is gone all google-eyes on Obama, favoring him in coverage, and failing to seriously challenge his statements.

Let's leave the amazing coincidence that this is the single topic, all of a sudden, on every cable news show and many of the broadcast channels, and ask a question:

If the Media is favoring Obama, why did CBS falsify a broadcast interview with John McCain in order to keep from airing an obviously false statement he made?

In an interview with Katie Couric, John McCain gave a false answer, which was cut from the interview and an answer to a completely different question was falsely substituted in its place by the editors at CBS and then broadcast as if it were factual.

JedReport has it.

DailyKos has the absurd and nasty response from the McCain camp that completely ignores, by the way, the dishonest and clear favoritism Media shows John McCain.

In the meantime, Barack Hussein Obama was greeted by over 3000 cheering troops in Iraq. You saw that on the news, right? You didn't? Hmmmm. That's a lousy way for the media to show favoritism.

Here (Lots of pictures so it might load slowly)

This might be the best photo of the whole trip for Obama...

And I know I'm repeating myself...



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