Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dr. McCain Amputated the Wrong Leg

John McCain and the Republicans voted to make the worst financial disaster since the Great Depression happen...(And I'm giving McCain the benefit of the doubt here...Our current situation may blow away the Great Depression as simply old news.) Every Senate Democrat, except for Fritz Hollings, voted against the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in the Republican-dominated US Senate. It was John McCain and his Republican buddies who passedthis devastating legislation on the 6th of May, 1999.

When McCain says he tried to stop the financial meltdown by going against Republicans in his glorified maverickness...He's just plain lying. John McCain is as big a whore to lobbyists as anyone in politics, and voted to give banks and financial institutions a free unregulated run at your money. Now they will take even more of it in order to save their own sorry asses...And Dr. McCain, convicted of malpractice for amputating the wrong leg, wants us to trust him to do our nation's open heart surgery?

Here are the details, if you would like to identify each and every villian in this mess.

Please note that Joe Biden voted against Phil Gramm's bill, and that for once, John McCain was present, even if he did the wrong thing for America once again.

Now just so you know, Obama is back up in the composite tracking poll for President. In Tennessee, we don't necessarily see the best Obama ads that are being run in the states that Obama can and will win, so here's one you should take a look at. Send it to everyone...especially the Republicans that you are trying to bring into the light. Tell them it's time for them to become part of saving this country.

Feel better now?



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