Thursday, September 04, 2008

Enquiring Minds are At it Again

From the "most trusted name in news"...Hmm...That doesn't sound right?

Anyway, The National Enquirer has jumped on the Palin family scandals. There's a lot to jump on, and of course they skip over the "Bridge to Nowhere" lies Palin told and went straight to what their readers want...SEX!

Palin actively lobbied for the infamous bridge and when it got politically hot, she let it go, but guess what? She kept the earmark money anyway. Her Alaska cronies got their money and a small Alaska town didn't get the bridge to the regional airport like they'd been promised...But why am I harping on this little Palin lie when we could be talking about SEX? Or as the RWXtions's call it...Abstaining from Abstinence.

The story should not be about Bristol Palin, and in fact it isn't. It is about her Mom's demand that she get married and then let the cat out of the bag about her pregnancy. (Gotta be true. Enquirer says so. Hey, It was good enough for Republicans when Rush used the Enquirer to back up one of his whoppers) Only this one may not be such a whopper. Mommy has ambitions, Bristol, dear.

Remember what she said last night...

"You know the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?...Lipstick!"

I think that denigrates lots of people's beloved pets and isn't the correct analogy, anyway. After trying to watch the Republican Convention and cringing as they told plain old lie (Sarah Palin got more votes for Mayor than Biden did for President...from preacher Huckabee) after lie (Obama will raise taxes on the middle class...Fred Thompson...Actually McCain's plan raises middle class taxes), I decided that there was way too much hypocrisy for me to stomach at one time. I mean, all that fawning over the Constitution and our Freedoms from the political party that has done more to destroy our constitutional freedoms than any other party in the last 200 years...My personal constitution can only take so much.

This whole republican thing really isn't about whether a pit bull hockey mom who is under investigation for abuse of power is remotely qualified to be Vice President. It's about the entire Republican party being personified by the policies of George W. Bush and hiding from it. It's about incompetency on so many levels. It's about ruining the value of the American dollar. It's about letting mortgage corporations run amuck and destroy the housing market. It's about letting polluters write environmental legislation, and gun manufacturers write gun law, and Mining companies write mine safety legislation, and about giving tax breaks to an oil corporation that records the largest profit ever made by a corporation in the history of mankind...

No! The Republican convention isn't about lipstick and a pit bull...It's about putting lipstick on a Pig!




  1. Anonymous2:34 PM


    Your article this morning on the National Enquireres reporting is just about as pathetic as CNN's was last night.....until after the speech that is, when they looked like they'd just been slapped in the face and deserved it.
    Get down to the real issue...........Obama and 134 present votes.........
    As a woman, small business owner, and parent I need someone that can make a decision and keep my family safe, not someone that can't even make a decision.
    As far as the National Enquirer and your mini skirt picture? Well, I think the tabloid speaks for it self as far as being a credible source of information. And your picture.........well if it wasn't photo shopped, then more power to her, to look that good after 4 kids. We should all be so lucky.

  2. You need to learn what a present vote means in a state legislature like Illinois, but for the purposes of discussion let's just say we accept that this may be bad.

    In that case, wouldn't you have to condemn the US Senator who missed over 400 votes this year alone? I realize McCain was running for the presidency but at the same time Barack Obama only missed 20 votes, which puts him high on the list of diligent Senate sevrants.

    Top that off by noting that McCain even missed voting for his own legislation.

    Now...Where were we?

  3. I think in this election we have the choice between making history, and repeating it.

    Mr. Obama has my vote.