Monday, September 15, 2008

No they Didn't...

The McCain ads make me sick. There should be some minimum level of truth required in a political ad, but so far, it seems like the Lies of John McCain are validated by a docile press whofails to call him on them.

John McCain took on the Republicans? Yeah, right...By voting with George W. Bush 100% of the time in the last year? That'll show 'em.

Sarah Palin took on Big Oil? By supporting off shore drilling, drilling in the Arctic National Refuge, and wanting polar bears eliminated? Give me a break.

I have always, up until now, held a grudging respect for John McCain, believing that he was sort of an honest person, by Republican standards anyway. I'm over it.

McCain is running the most dishonest campaign in Presidential history. Even Karl Rove thinks McCain is lying. Yeah...Him!

McCain is sincerely ill equipped to deal with the challenges ahead, and Sarah Palin?...Don't make me laugh. Sarah couldn't build a hockey rink with Federal earmark money without going $20,000,000.00 over budget. She'll do a fine job of following W. His record of amassing more debt than all pervious Presidents in American history combined could well be in jeapardy is McCain somehow gets in. The American economy doesn't stand a chance with these two driving the train.

Did I mention the McCain has had 5 occurences of melanoma? Know what the odds are?

Anyway, as we watch all those big republican financial firms collapse and have to be bailed out with your money, remember that McCain's financial advisor, Phil Gramm, was the architect of the regulations that made all this possible. And also remember the McCain first rose to national prominence as the main player in the Keating banking scandal which cost us $3 Billion in bailout money. Cindy McCain's family was heavily invested in Keating, by the way. A small detail that gets left out by the liberal press,

So McCain has no capability of solving the economic mess we're in, but that won't matter, because we'll be fighting World War Three.

Lost in the weekend's news was the fact that Bolivia and Venezuela kicked out the United States Ambassadors. Venezuela supplies over 10 percent of America's oil and could supply much more. Say what you will about Hugo Chavez, he is well loved in his country, except by rich people and multinational corporations.

Bigger still, is the news that in retaliation for installing the Spy Wars missle defense system in Poland, Russia has now landed and stationed long range bombers in Venezuela.

Here's another little bit of info: Our Missle defense system doesn't work. Whatcha wanna bet Russia's bombers work very well?

The all Universe stupid level of the Bush Administration has grievously weakened America. McCain looks for all the world to be even worse than Bush in his saber rattling and belief that war is the answer to all problems. As the article noted above points out, The only one stupider than the man running screaming off the cliff...Is everyone following him off the same cliff.

That would be John McCain and everyone who votes for him.



McCain Lies to America

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