Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Moose and Snow

The McCain/Palin campaign is in a death spiral of epic proportions.

I don't even think that Fred Thompson's reading from last night can save them. I thought Fred's little mythological part about John McCain refusing to give up his military secrets even though he was being tortured was touching, didn't you? I personally forgive McCain for signing all those documents against the USA while he was in a POW camp. I mean I probably would have caved just like he did, but let's be honest about it and not pretend that it didn't happen, and let's all come on out against all forms of torture while we're at it. Just because McCain has flipped and supported torture recently, he was against it before he was for it, and there's still time for him to flop. (Hmmm...Did I say that right? Guess so)

Anyway, McCain's Veep pick seems to be up to her miniskirt in the rankest form of good old boy and girl corruption and cronyism. This particular tale is all about selling icecream to eskimos...If I'm lyin' I'm Dyin'...and cheese futures to miners, and using Federal earmark money to do it. Then there's the part about Sarah firing the entire State Agriculture and Conservation Board because they wouldn't agree to funnel state money into the IceCream Scheme. The company involved was named "Mat Maid" and locals call it Sarah's Dairy Gate Scandal.
Here's the whole thing with links and references and some snark to keep the storyline moving, and yes, Moose and Snow are involved but just barely. The hook was too good to pass up.

And just so's you don't think I was lying about that miniskirt you go (Thanks to Susan)

The shoes and that glass of red wine sorta top off the photo, don't you think?

John McCain needs to quit looking at this woman's ass and realize he totally screwed up.




  1. Ohmigod. The Vice President of the United States. Da-da-t-da...

  2. I came by via Micky-T. Hell, that skirt may be the only thing shorter than her credentials. Cheers!!