Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Give all you can...Work your Ass off

The Sarah Palin choice has resulted in a swing of 20% of the white women's vote. This is mainly because nobody knows who Sarah Palin is, but that is changing. She has an impressive resume vehemently opposing women's health issues and that's coming out, but the pettiness of Sarah Palin strikes me as incredible offensive:

There is something deeply strange about this woman. We know she lies easily and without fear of consequence, as her big fat lie on the national stage about her supposedly opposing the "Bridge to Nowhere", but she has a narcissistic bent that makes George W. Bush look positively normal.

How does one reconcile, for instance, the ability to justify falsifying an expense report that charges for lodging in one's own home with charging the victims of rape for their own rape kit used to investigate this dastardly crime against women?

Couple that with extremist opposition to abortion even in cases of rape, incest, and where it threatens the life of the woman, and you have the makings of a doctoral level study in personality disorder.

But that's just my opinion...Here's another...

The best ever blog post on Sarah Palin.

At any rate, let's not fixate on Sarah Palin, except to point out that it illustrates everything wrong with Republicanism.

Republicans are completely inept at running our country, protecting our environment, or providing a safe and nurturing school system for our children. They've run up trillions of dollars on the American credit card, deregulated mortgage lending into bankruptcy, and screwed up our foreign policy beyond all recognition.

They are deeply corrupt, with everything they touch requiring a government bailout using your tax money. There is no Republican platform plank that will make for a better America. If they win this electionIt will mark, for all time and history, the end of Constitutional America.

Give all you can! Work your ass off!




  1. Anonymous1:14 PM

    So Steve,

    Where does personal responsibility fall in all of this? As someone who works my "ass" off 7 days a week, well over 40 hours a week, I prefer to keep my money then give "more" of it to the goverment. As a small business owner, from a family of small business owners throughout this country, I can honestly say I am sick to death of being taxed on everything right down to the fing copy machine in my office.........and for what? TO clean up the nations inability to act as responsible adults, with obligations they need to take care of by themselves. It is NOT MY JOB to provide my employees with everything down to wiping their butts.
    As far as the mortgage crises........lets see... now we get to bail out a bunch of people who were so damn dumb they decided the equity in their home should be used for more 4 wheelers and boats?
    Give me a break, this isnt the fault of the goverment, it's the fault of the people, although you are right, once again the people will clean it up.
    As far as abortion, McCain and Palin are never going to be able to take that away. I for one, am pro choice, but itstead of falling for the Dem's version of holding woman hostage over the issue, I understand it and am not afraid of it. I also get Palins stance on the issue, even with rape and incest. At least she's got some "balls" to say how she feels. My guess is if you BELIEVE THE LIFE STARTS AT CONCEPTION, then I guess you BELIEVE THATS WHERE IT BEGANS and thats why you BELIEVE THAT ALL LIFE is sacred. Including rape and incest.
    Do I believe that? No,but I also think as a woman, if you don't want to have a baby then figure it out early and if you can't do that, then there's really no excuse later on (your right, I don't believe in late term aborions-I think there is a point when that sperm and egg become a viable human before it's born-ahhh but thats just commen sense isn't it?) In the end I'm so sick of that arguement, it's been going on since I was in college. Here's my response, raise your own kids, and teach them you can buy condemns at walmart......why in the hell does, and should the federal goverment have to wipe those the nose of every citizen out there, plus educate their kids on where babies come from? More then that, why would I want or need them to?
    But you know what I REALLY believe????????? I believe the fall on the economy happened on 9/11 and I believe if the Clintons had done their job with the first world trade center bombing, then they wouldn't have moved upstairs. Of course they were too busy hiding those FBI files in the closet to worry about a little bomb in the basement.
    I believe in National security and I believe in experience for the job.
    Of course if they did have "present" on the ballot, I might be inclined to vote that way, just for the sake of the statement. Doesnt mean yes or no, in Illinois, right Steve.............I don't think I need a president that can't make a decision.
    Oh and by the way, the more you post on Palin the more sexist and afraid of woman you sound.

  2. Posting about Sarah Palin telling a lie has nothing to do with sexism and I assure you I am not afraid of men or women.

    So if you believe in experience for the job, how can you possibly support Palin?

    As far as keeping more of your hard earned money, unless you earn more than $250,000 per year, you should be voting for Obama.

  3. to anon,
    whoa, dude, chill out. and, dude, palin = handmaid's tale, won't be no "figure it out early" for people with a uterus. man, u r one angry dude.