Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Of Pigs and Bridges

So now the American political process has degenerated to the level of the paint on a cheap whore.

Obama's words, "Lipstick on a pig", describing McCain's policies is the latest supposed outrage. McCain says it's a sexist remark aimed at Sarah Palin, which is funny, since McCain used the expression twice with regard to Hillary Clinton, and Sarah Palin herself said that it was the only difference between herself and a pitbull.

Can we talk about an issue, by any chance? Can we talk about Sarah Palin being the world champion per-capita earmark queen? Nope..Lipstick.

Can we talk about John McCain's votes against the GI Bill and against veterans? Nope...Lipstick.

Can we talk about the repeated lies McCain and Palin tell every day about her opposition to the "Bridge to Nowhere"? Nope...Lipstick!

Can we talk about McCain's embrace of the disastrous economic policies of Phil Gramm that allowed the lending industry to destroy itself requiring tax money bailouts of Trillions of dollars? Nope...Lipstick!

Can we talk about McCain's dangerous warmongering? His call for military confrontation with Russia? His call for military confrontation with Iran? His promise of more wars? Nope...Lipstick!

Can we talk about McCain's support of tax policies that place the tax burden ever more heavily on the average American and give more tax breaks to the richest of the rich? Nope...Lipstick!

Can we talk about McCain's idiotic cave in to Big Oil and now pushing for drilling off of our last remaining pristine beaches? Nope...Lipstick!

Can we talk about McCain's promise to destroy Social Security, even while he himself draws $24,000.00 a year? Nope...Lipstick!

Ok, then...If that's what you want, that's what I'll do.

John McCain's entire campaign is based on putting lipstick on a pig, and John McCain himself is nothing more than a Bridge to Nowhere!




  1. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Can we talk about Obama's foreign policy experience or lack there of? Maybe we should talk about Joy Behar's stunning interview on Larry King last night against Palin.............Oh my god!!! She's (Palin) mean to animals and she's a hunter........... Please Steve if you havent seen it you should. If Joy Behar is representative of the average Democratic woman, then it only stands to reason why the 20% lead in the polls of woman sliding over to McCain.
    What I really don't understand is why, why, people didn't go with Hillary, theres a blog for you! Personally I can't Stand Hillary, but at least we couldnt argue experience or lack there of with the actual candidate and policy. Would have been a hell of a race! I'd love to write more this morning but can only scan as I'm off getting ready to go out of town.
    GUESS WHAT???? I get per diem!!!

  2. Questioning Obama's foreign policy experience would have been a reasonable thing to do, however, the bar was dug into the dirt with McCain's choice of Palin.

    Obama has spent a good bit of time overseas, had his Iraq timetable endorsed by the leaders of Iraq, and received a hero's welcome at his speeches in Europe.

    McCain promises more war, Obama promises diplomacy.

    And, since you seem to embrace the sexism argument, be sure and watch this before you come back and post again.


  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Oh Steve, I don't embrace the sexism arguement, I were sounding sexist and afraid of woman with all of your posting about Palin.
    Remember......although Obama seems to have a problem with it......he's running against McCain as President, not the VP.
    I'll catch up with you later and your youtube video, also need to look up last night hearing on CNN that Obama wants to segregate Iraq, which they found disasterous., But honestly don't have time right now, gotta run.

  4. See what I mean folks? I'm sexist because I talk about the inexperience and the lies and the corruption of the Republican vice presidential candidate?


    And dear Anon...Look up "concern troll" before you come back here. It will make you understand why you are hiding from the facts and praising the lies of McCain/Palin.

  5. Palin is just a Barbie doll that McCain pulled out of his hat as a last ditch effort to blow the wind out of Obamas sails. And so far the blindness of the GOP is making it work. I hope all these women come to their senses and see that she's being used. Just my simple opinion.

  6. Somebody open a window, there's a stench of PUMA in the air.

    I tell ya, Steve. The McLames sound more and more scared every day. They know Sara Falin' is the worst mistake they could ever have made.

    Can't wait for that VP debate. :)

  7. Anonymous11:53 PM


    concern troll, really.... you spend way to much time, trying to think of new ways to describe me and Sara Palin.
    I called you sexist and a racist because of all those thought "revoking" blogs from such sources as hmmm, the national enquirer, lets not forget the best blog on Palin (gag) or maybe the picture of her in a skirt, god forbid.........
    I'm having a new bumper sticker made up, perhaps you'd like one, it will read Kiss my Lipstick.
    With all these great sources you like to qoute from, I can see however, how much I'm wasting your time (and mine) and a great read further on, so I will leave you and your three readers alone for now. Truthfully, I can see how we are not going to get past such mind inspiring statements from these like Captain Kona anyways.
    Good luck and have fun, this is going to be a great election.
    I'm sure we'll meet up in the Village aka Rockwood sometime. You'll know it's me by the bumpersticker. You should come up and say Hi.

    Anon-concern troll

  8. Anonymous12:06 AM

    ooops........just re-read, and saw that I used the word "racist" when I meant "sexist and afraid"
    just want to clarify, since there seems to be no edit button here.

    Anon-concern troll