Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oops! Busted Again

Poor John McCain...The once proud and honorable Senator McCain has degenerated into a candidate who says whatever he wants to be true, whether it is or not. When he gets busted, he calls the messenger irresponsible or "in the tank 150% for Obama".

Sunday night on TV McCain said his campaign manager did not work for Freddie Mac, the monster mortgage bank that was just this month taken over by the government in one of the early bailouts.

The New York Times, 150% in the tank for the facts, pointed out that McCain's campaign manager, Rick Davis, was getting $15,000.00 a month from Freddie Mac and that payments stopped only because the Federal Government now owns the bank.

How sincere do we think John Sydney McCain can possibly be about taking on lobbyists and Wall Street, when his campaign is run by lobbyists, and his main guy was still getting paid until a few weeks ago?

Also a curiosity is McCain's apparent ignorance of all this. He's apparently just repeating what he's told him to say.

Things that are such obvious lies that the Obama campaign has them up in ads before he finishes the sentence, like the one about Sarah Palin selling her plane on eBay for a profit. That was a twofer, since she lost money on it selling it to a campaign donor not on eBay.

Dear John Sydney McCain,

Telling the truth and sticking to the facts used to be considered a virtue in America. We just don't trust you anymore, and it's your fault for lying.

And one more thing...Why is it that every time somebody in the Press points out a factual error on your part, you call them Liberals and In the Tank for Obama?

Facts have a Liberal bias in your mind, I guess, and you must not care much for facts any more. It's like Tommy Smothers said, "Truth is what you can make somebody else believe."

That's too bad. I used to like you and think you were an honest man. I'm over you, John. I need a President who will tell America the truth.



Update: Ever wonder why the letters to the Editor supporting McCain seem so fake?

It's because They are.

Told ya, Ernie.

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  1. But.....but.....but America's economic fundamentals are sound!