Wednesday, January 03, 2007

All My Fault

If anyone is wondering why there is no snow at any of the ski resorts, it is not because of global warming. It's because of us.

We gave young son a snowboard for xmas and booked a ski trip.

The resort, of course, charged us to go see their snow and then when they didn't have any, they charged us anyway. The resort board of directors must be made up of defense contractors. You know...the ones who made the big bucks as we roared off to stop terrorism and destroy weapons of mass destruction in a country that didn't have any of either.

But we still got the bill...It'll push a trillion dollars before we're done. We're already halfway there.


Saw where George W. Bush is calling for bipartisanship in the new congress. Amazing. He's also using his "Uniter, not a divider" skills to unite Iraq. It's actually working...Both sides are shooting at Americans.

I call upon Democrats to be every bit as bipartisan as Republicans have been.


Anyone who believes anything conservatives ever say should have ther voter registration card taken away until they take and pass a course on applied critical thinking.

Rude wisdom is often the most plainly stated.


And from Justin A. Frank, M.D. we have the book, "Bush on the Couch" in which Dr. Frank makes the case that we have a sociopath for a president. Dr. Frank does a fine job of telling us that W has destroyed this country as a by product of getting back at his father.

Well, that's great, Dr. Frank. I can hear the readers of this humble blog all sighing a collective, "Well, Duh!"

Here's an interview with the good Doc that's an interesting read.


Also...Small business owners create more jobs and are the source of more innovation than any other segment in our society. Unfortunately, they tend to vote Republican, which is obviously not in the best interest of SMALL business....mega Corporations, sure, but the actual driving force behind American job creation should be voting Democratic and here's why.



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