Monday, January 01, 2007

My New Year

During my first cup of coffee this morning an immature red tail hawk flew by the breakfast nook with a crow in hot pursuit. The big bird appeared to simply ignore the crow and glide away across the gorge. Crows were once fairly uncommon birds but with the coming of the Europeans, highways and roadkill, they are present in numbers well beyond what the native ecosystems were interested in.

We took advantage of the rains and kayaked Whites Creek during what was supposed to be the warm part of the day but we never saw the sun. When we got home and crawled in the hot tub, our fingers and feet stung and itched from being so cold. 'Twas painful and exquisite relief.

During our paddle we disturbed a pair of red tail adults who whistled at us from the rare air at the rim of the gorge. I almost want to learn to hang glide when I watch the soaring predators hanging around in the lifting currents.


So far, I have gone whitewater kayaking every day this year.



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