Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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One of the funniest things on TV is watching the various spinners discuss the same event. A couple of republican senators I watched this morning said thingsT "The President gave a good performance," and "the President came across as sincere."

A couple of Republican Senators said, "The President asked for patience...The American people are out of patience with the Iraq War," and "We will support the President if he lays out a plan for winning...So far we have not seen such a plan."

That was the Republican side. The Democratic side was mostly uncontrolled laughter.

Just to let everybody know that this Republican President is still on the side of Mega Corporations, Bush introduced his plan to reduce the cost of Health Care by eliminating Health Care for poor people. I'm serious. he proposes to TAX your health insurance thereby encouraging corporations to stop providing your health care so you'll have to buy your own, but you'll get a tax deduction for a part of it which will save rich people a bunch of money, but basically screw everybody who makes less than $80,000 a year.

And in other news, Dick Cheney was identified as evil personified by two different Attorneys in the Scooter Libbey obstruction of justice trial yeasterday...The two attorneys were the Federal Prosecutor and the Attorney for the Defense. After listening to a list of Federal crimes (like obstruction of justice, lying to investigators, destruction of evidence) committed by Vice President Dick Cheney, I figure Cheney has one defense left open to him...

Die as soon as possible!



And then there's this.

An excerpt from live blogging the speech, Washington insider gossip version:

9:13 — A rare bit of class from Bush’s speechwriters, noting the first
“Madame Speaker.” Cheney doesn’t look quite so pleased. Of course, if Tim
Johnson doesn’t have a “speedy recovery,” Cheney will be very pleased,

9:17 — Actually, wages for the vast majority of Americans have been
stagnant for the entire six years Bush has been president.

9:18 — Ohhhh, now he wants to balance the budget.

9:18 — “Without raising taxes” … what about the taxes on health care?

9:19 — Well, five years ago we didn’t even have a federal deficit.

9:20 — Time to refill the three glasses on this editor’s desk.

9:21 — WALNUTS just hopped up like the red-faced comb-over psychotic weirdo
he is … Ted Kennedy is either suffering a helluva headache or is listening to a
really sad Kate Bush song on his iPod.

9:25 — Hey, that’s what Hillary said about health care in 1993!

State of the Union, The blogospere version. (parental discretion)

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