Thursday, January 11, 2007

Prey on the American People

How do these people keep their tax exempt status?

Exerpts from their prayer:

...The new year brings with it the Democrat Party takeover of the reins of leadership in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. President Bush’s constitutional role of commander in chief in a time of war will be challenged by a Congress eager to make its mark as a lead-up to the next presidential election cycle. ..

...There will be the lure of expounding the most clever, hard-hitting sound bite so as to assure an appearance on the nightly news...

...Ask our Heavenly Father to walk alongside President Bush as he lays out the stark, scary realities of the enemy we face -- an enemy in no uniform, with no respect for innocent life...

Are these people for real? Better question: Are they completely freaking NUTS?

Respect for innocent life?

With legitimate reports of over a half a million civilian deaths in Iraq as a result of the Bush/Republican war, where do these creeps get off praying that god will make the Democrats support George Bush's War?

And when, Gary Bauer, did hipocrisy become an Ameircan Value?

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