Monday, January 08, 2007

Hey, Babe! Wanna Boogie?

Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh
Hey babe ya wanna boogie?
Boogie woogie woogie with me
Hey babe ya wanna boogie?
Boogie woogie woogie with me
We can boogie over here
We can boogie over there
Come on baby we can boogie everywhere
Hey babe ya wanna boogie?
Boogie woogie woogie with me

....John Hartford

It's better on the record.

President Bush is entering the final stage of his Presidency...The Bunker stage.

George W. Bush's lawyer, Whitehouse Counsel Harriet Myers, has cut and run. Bush is looking for a new lawyer to stall, delay, confuse, and obstruct every investigation into his impeachable actions until he can sing his own verse of the Cut and Run Boogie. He'll be gone in less than two years and bets are on as to whether he'll make it to the end of his term.

I figure it's even money until the investigations get going. After that? Who knows. Harriet, one of W's biggest suck ups, won't be there.

In related news, the White House visitor records have disappeared. You know the ones that show when Jeff Gannon spent the night? Male prostitute Jeff Gannon? Fake news reporter? With whitehouse credentials? Whose real name isn't even Jeff Gannon?

Well those particular records are copied but the Bush Whitehouse has made the visitor records disappear, saying they don't belong to the Secret Service anymore.

Democrats are trying to un-disappear them.

This should be fun. Except that America will be totally distracted by Iraq and may not even notice it when Bush gets impeached, tried, convicted, and turned over to an inner city streetgang for processing late one Friday afternoon.

We can watch it all later on the cell phone video.



Molly Ivins:

The president of the United States does not have the sense God gave a duck
-- so it's up to us. You and me, Bubba.

I don't know why Bush is just standing there like a frozen rabbit, but
it's time we found out. The fact is WE have to do something about it. This
country is being torn apart by an evil and unnecessary war, and it has to be
stopped NOW.

The Village Voice has dropped on of the great political cartoonists of today. As a public service I present it here:

Tom Tomorrow archives.

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