Tuesday, January 02, 2007


President Bush will go on TV soon and read, with deep conviction, a speech from his teleprompter. He will call for sacrifice by everyone in America except himself, jenna, and that other one, who are busy getting kicked out of South American bars. (I mean, dang, couldn't he at least send them on a USO tour or something? Jenna could do her butt dance and make out with whoever it is she's making out with at the moment, and that other twin could..uh...collect pennies for Unicef in a trick or treat can like she did in Paraguay?)

Bush announced that he was gonna "Surge" in Iraq. "Surge" is another word for "Escalate" which means "We're already over the 3000 dead Americans mark so what' s a few more gonna hurt?"

He made his announcement in order to make some noise and try and drown out the report from the almost bi-partisan Iraq Study Group, which pretty much said Bush was a moron, uh, fine and dedicated person who had brought to the Iraq war the same piercing focus and successful vision he had shared with his former business partner, Salem Bin Laden, while looking for oil in the Texas desert.

So...Bush made this announcement about his plan, which he hadn't come up with yet, to "win" the Iraq war. It involves sending more targets to Iraq. Yep! clever, that bush kid. That's what he's gonna do, send more American troops to Iraq...It's just that he doesn't know why, yet. he was gonna tell us in a day or two, only it has taken a lot longer than that to figure out some way to defend what may be the stupidest move yet by an American president. Bush announced that he was sending more troops to Iraq, in spite of the fact that there weren't any more troops to send and there wasn't anything for them to do once they got there except get shot at.

"I may be a moron," says our President, "But I'm willing to sacrifice other people's children for my war anyway. It's like that plastic turkey I always hold up at Christmas, like I'm giving the troops something special. You see...it's like this...You can fool some of the people all of the time...And those are the ones you want to concentrate on."

(That's an actual Bush Quote, folks.)



More on the lynching of Saddam debacle:

It's a sorry picture. US Army officers trying to force some adherence to the rule of law in the execution of the former head of state. The current head of government -- Maliki -- demanding an immediate execution, then finding a series of 'workarounds' to sidestep to apparently clear laws blocking an immediate execution. And then getting final go-ahead from a group of clerics. Is that what 3,000 Americans died for?

Josh Marshall


Even Roger Ailes thinks Glen Reynolds is a moron:

John Edwards hasn't yet hired me as a consultant or even added me to his One America Blogroll. It's never too late to make the best decision of your political life, John.
At least lose Instapundit: He's a Republican, his wife's nuttier than he is and he isn't even a real lawyer.

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