Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that he was listening to Neil Boortz on the radio. Boortz was going off on the Democratic takeover because they would put an end to the 700 mile long fence on the Mexican border.

"It's gonna be bad with those people in charge," he said.

In my normal kind concerned and amazingly diplomatic manner, I laughed at him and said, "Let's put aside the question of which one is the bigger dumbass, Boortz for saying that or you for listening to him. How exactly is a 10 foot high fence gonna stop anybody? Would it stop you?"

"No, way."

"The border is a few thousand miles longer than the fence, does that make sense?"


"The farmers whose land it would be built on don't want it. You think we should force them to let us build this monstrosity on their private land?"

"Why, no."

"Do you think you should listen to somebody else sometimes besides a man who is getting paid to confuse you and make you stupid?"

"I'm not stupid."





Now from the folks at Buzzflash, an interesting point by point examination of fascism and the Bushistas:

"...Hitler committed suicide. Mussolini was executed and hung on a meat
hook in a town square. Suharto avoided prosecution and has kept the billions
he's accused of embezzling from Indonesia.

What will be the fate of Bush & Co.?

In 2003, Laurence Britt crystallized 14 points of fascism from regimes
including those of Hitler, Mussolini and Suharto, then suggested similarities
under Bush."

This three-part series, entitled "Bush and the F-Word," has applied Britt's fascism framework to the Bush administration's record in 2006. Today's Part III finishes up Britt's final two points, makes predictions for 2007 and discusses how to fight back.


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