Monday, January 29, 2007

The Cliff

When I discuss, or rather attempt to discuss, political things with some folks, I am often surprised at the level of ignorance that otherwise reasonable people seem to be supporting. There is a belief in the nonexistant that is being purposefully fostered by some of the folks who own the American media. For example, George Bush was pinned down and forced to admit that he did in fact know that Saddam Hussein had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11. (The majority of the attackers were Saudis, as is Osama Bin Laden.) And yet a majority of Americans recently said they believed Saddam was involved.( Polls of FOX News watchers prove they are overwhelmingly ignorant of anything except Right Wing talking points. )

This brings me to ask several questions:

1. Is it good for America that a news organization is allowed to mislead us on purpose?

2. Was this what was intended by the Constitution?

3. Why are we allowing this to continue?

4. Is it going to get better?

The answers are 1,no; 2,no; 3,since we are being fed misinformation we cannot make a good decision, and finally; 4, Not anytime soon.

Currently the FCC is controlled by Republicans. This will be the case until Republicans no longer control the Whitehouse. The FCC is about to decide if the Internet has had such a terrible effect on the traditional media that ownership rules, the few that are still in place, should be abolished.

Think about it. Only five corporations control most of the media outlets now. You information is fed to you by a corporation in most cases. Corporations have no morals. The bigger they are the more they are driven by profit... and also by profit. Well profit and the personal motives of those that control them. history has shown that this is not good for the vast majority of citizens. If the Citizens are mislead by a corporation intent on serving its profit margin, they may not ever hear that essentially all of the reasons for going to war in, say Iraq, have no basis in fact until years later, say after the next election cycle.

And the corporation may look at its revenue fron other corporations, like say Exxon/Mobile, and not tell you that your government's spokesman is lying to you about global warming until years later, say after the next epection cycle.

And the owners of the corporate media, who always want to control more and more so that no one can disagree with them when they lie, may look at the last remaining free news outlets and want to control them too, so that is why they bought the satellite system, and that is why the Canadian news Corporation is gone from the satellite, and so is the BBC, and some others.

And that is why we have people, prominent people, who can go before this nation and make the most incredibly stupid and transparently wrong statements without anyone pointing out how incredibly stupid and transparently wrong these statements are.

Here is one of those statements:

"The Iraq War is not about oil."

and another:

"We cannot let the Insurgents win!"

People, we are not fighting a government or a country...We are fighting a people who are fighting themselves. The Iraq war should be thought of as a cliff.

"We cannot let the Cliff win," said the President. "We must send more troops over the edge of the Cliff. The only way the Cliff can win is if we stop sending more troops over the Cliff."

"To stop sending troops over the edge of the cliff now is to surrender."

"If we retreat from sending troops over the edge of the cliff, it will mean defeat. Those troops we have already sent over the edge of the cliff will have died in vain. More troops must therefore be sent over the Edge of the CLIFF."

We are stupid as a Nation and you know why. The current leadership must be removed from power as soon as possible. Every day that the Bush Administration is in power makes our National Cliff higher and more people are thorwn off of it.

Peace Now,



  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    And the corporation may look at its revenue fron other corporations, like say Exxon/Mobile, and not tell you that your government's spokesman is lying to you about global warming until years later, say after the next epection cycle.

    I had to point out to Steve that I'm just a dumb ole biologist...even worse, an aquatic biologist...but I've never heard of an epection. I figure he meant to have an "R" in place of the "P" since it's all of us getting screwed!


  2. re: media ownership

    You mention the internet's effect, but don't follow all the way -- for example, the number of new outlets have simply exploded in recent years. So it's not true that we have limited information access -- those five corporations you mention control a lot less than they used to.

    I will also add, that competition means that local broadcasters and newspapers have a harder time staying in business. Craigslist is killing local papers, for example. So it's actually better that they get bought by these large chains -- that's what saves them from going under.

  3. I don't buy any if that, Dagnabit. I'm pretty aware of the local paper situation and current profit margin target for my local is 24%. That's extremely high.

    Your arguments are profit based in the first place. That wasn't my point. My point was that the corporate viewpoint is dominating our news media and that in this particular Country, the media are supposed to be the watchdogs over government.

    It ain't happening.

    Bring back the Fairness Doctrine!