Monday, January 07, 2008

Charlie Harper

Of the famous people who got away in 2007, Charlie Harper might have been the best known person that nobody knew. We've all seen and probably laughed at his illustrations even though most of us did not know his name.

His haughty cardinal is the stuff of a childish adult whimsy contagious in its mirth and possibly looks more like a cardinal than a cardinal.

You may not actually see what is in his more expressive works until you read the title.

Guess this one:

He has a flickr fan club with several images here.

This one is easier:

The definitive book of his art is both expensive and sold out. I'm hunting one for my own special gift to myself.

Of course the name Charlie Harper belongs to others besides this great visual artist...TV characters, punk rockers, jazz musicians, and others but I only think of the name as associated with his animal art.

The old person's friend, pneumonia, helped him leave our world but his art remains.

Peace, Charlie!



  1. Crayfishing expedition?

    Heron house?

  2. I love this guy in the tv show two and a half men, It's just super funny, I remember the chapter when he take some generic viagra and stay with penes erect for a day haha or in scary movie 4 when he confused the aspirins with the viagra and fall from the balcony haha
    thanks for sharing.