Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Race is on and here comes Heartache

Hillary won but Obama got exactly the same number of delegates to the nominating convention so actually it's a tie.

The Numbers

New Hampshire has more registered Republicans than Democrats but Hillary Clinton got 21.5% more votes than John McCain, the Republican winner.

The second place Democrat, Barack Obama, got 17% more votes than McCain.

It appears that the Republicans have chosen their lesser of evils in McCain, since evangelicals can't stand the thought of a Mormon, and nobody BUT evangelicals can stand the thought of a Huckabee, and everybody pretty much agrees that Ron Paul is simply nuts, and Giulliani is so tiresome with his 9-11 blather that all the Firemen and Police in the whole world have sworn to bring him down, now that they aren't getting overtime pay for driving his mistress's dog around to be groomed.

So the pre-election polls were wrong but the exit polls were right.

The Exit polls were right in Florida, too. They said Gore won, not Bush.

The Exit Polls were right in Ohio, too. They said Kerry won, not Bush.

Now that Clinton and Obama are the ones hoping for an accurate election in America, I wonder if it ever crosses their minds to wonder if they shouldn't have done more to guarantee fair elections in the United States?

So New Hampshire is over and it's on to South Carolina, where McCain was trounced by George Bush in reputedly the dirtiest campaign in SC history. One of which was a smear campaign saying he had a black baby. He does have a dark skinned adopted child, but she's Bangladeshi. How much of that legacy remains?

We'll see. At any rate, "It ain't over!" John McCain may well become the first Republican candidate for President who was NOT...

Born in the USA.

Didn't know that, did you?




  1. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Great post Steve!

    My prediction is (as if anyone cared: a McCain-Hucklebee ticket...The worst of both GOP worlds at this time in history....Bush apologist and right wing nut job.

    My working class roots still favor Edwards....
    but yes, I'd vote for a yellow dog before I voted for a Rethuglican.

  2. Fine recap, Steve.

    You know what's really sad? That in working with Russ Feingold and other Liberals, John McCain has actually done more to stand up to Bush stupidity than Hillary has. Even though he's a kiss-ass and a common thief, he still seems less neocon/enabler than she does.

    New Hampshire means little, but the trend isn't looking too good. It's like all the outrage about BushCo and their policies just disappears and those that helped him from day one like Hillary Clinton are somehow now considered good choices for change.

    Mindboggling to say the least.