Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Reader

I read what Josh Marshall has to say. He is studious and rigorous in pursuit of the truth and when he gives his opinion it is clearly labeled as such and well thought out. He may have agenda but he doesn't have spin.

In a brilliant opinion piece today, Marshall fires shots across the bow at both Hillary and Obama, but his harshest judgement is for Bill Clinton. effect, Bill Clinton holds a de facto office within the Democratic
party. And what he's been doing amounts to an abuse of office. He has come into
a primary process between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and used his unique
power to jam his thumb down on one side of the scale in a way that I think is
very difficult for anyone to overcome.


...I think something similar applies in this case. I respect all the loyalties
and devotions between the two of them in what is clearly a very complicated but
also very enduring relationship. But I'm not part of that marriage. Its
obligations aren't any concern of mine and they have no claim on me. My
relationship with Bill Clinton is as a member of the party that he is, as I've
said, the leader of or at least the most revered elder statesman of. And I feel
like he's violating the compact that I have with him.

The entire piece is worth your time.

The Problem with Bill

In the meantime George W. Bush is still the President and is still trying to do away with the parts of the Constitution that get in his way. He asked your telephone company to join him in breaking the law and spy on your telephone calls without a court warrant...And they did!

This is a problem for the American People. The law applies to you and me and it applies to President Bush and AT&T as well, only they don't like that. When Bill Clinton tread on a gray area in the law, it seemed like every Republican on this planet went berserk, demanding justice. Now that a Republican President has broken the law, they just want the law changed retroactively to forgive and forget and allow your private phone calls to become the province of the Republican party.

All I want is the same right to privacy Corporations have. At the moment, we got nothing and they have everything, including an entire political party that wants to help them get away with breaking the law.

Senators Obama and Clinton are being paid to do a job for the American People. If either one of them deserts their Senate position this coming week as the bill is considered that would allow law breaking Corporations to go unpunished, then neither of them deserve one whit of consideration toward the job they seek.

Senator Obama and Senator Clinton are hereby requested to serve their Country.

For now,



  1. HC is the political cruella DeVille. We know she doesnt mean it...besides she cant even do her stumpin' with out Billy....she needs as all of the horses in the race, to focus on education, iraq, and the econonmy....the stimulus is a farce...
    (the midas touch)

  2. Though I have been opposed to the Clinton's for a very long time, Hillary's no-show for the original SCHIP vote last year really went all over me.

    Also, Obama's NV on Gonzales, symbolic as it may have been, would have been nice from an aesthetic standpoint if nothing else.

    Fine point, Steve. This vote is a heart check.