Friday, January 18, 2008

INC...Mark of the Beast

I am not a fan of large corporations...They have neither soul nor conscience.

The only thing that keeps them the least bit honest are the consequences of the law. They don't like that and spend billions of dollars on attorneys, lobbyists, and their lackeys in elected office eliminating whatever restraints the law has on their bottom line.

Environmental laws? Get rid of them...and pull the teeth of what ever enforcement powers the EPA still has. We don't care about a healthy Earth or even healthy people...We care about profits.

The Constitution of the United States of America? A "piece of paper." All it does is protect the People from their government and since the Government now works for us corporations...a pair of scissors might be in order. Preacher Huckabee! Step over here just a minute. I know you plan to cut out that part about Establishing a State Religion and that's fine, but we need you to snip out the rest of the first amendment and a few other parts that make life tough on large Corporations.

When President Bush Asked your telephone company to break the law and crap on your Constitutional rights, most of them were happy to oblige. They were apparently promised some changes in laws as pay back. Wonder why the AT&T evil monster has been reassembled from the graveyard? Wonder why your cable company treats you like dirt? (Have I got a story here, but I'll bet you have your own) Wonder why third world countries have universal broadband internet that costs a fifth of what you pay? The Bush Administration asked telcoms to commit illegal acts, spy on your calls, and the Telcoms rolled right over jumped through the hoop and begged for more.

They Broke the law. The President of the United States Broke the Law. No problem, though...Just have Congress change the Law to give retroactive immunity to everyone. Well...not Everyone...

You and I have to obey the law...Not the President... Not Corporations...Just You and I.

Welcome to Fascism in America!



ps: Some folks, like Senator Russ Feingold ,want to change this. How about paying attention?

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  1. Bill sent this:

    You are right. There is only one reason the Chevy Chevette is no longer exploding and burring occupants when struck from behind. There is only one reason Cutter is no longer making blood tainted with AIDS. There is only one reason AH Robbins removed the Dalcon Shield from the market. The law holds corporations accountable for their misconduct. Without juries to slam them, corporations would continue to place profits ahead of people chasing the almighty dollar.