Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What Happened this time...

It was the Michigan Primary. Did anything happen? Really?

Edwards and Obama had their names taken off the ballot because the Democratic Primary was decertified because Michigan moved their date up so much, so no delegates will be awarded.

Clinton defeated...Umm..."Uncommitted". Johnny appeared with Hillary and Barry to bury the race card that Barry's campaign director (Marty King Junior, whose dad would have been 79 years old yesterday) had played earlier.

Giulliani narrowly defeated Dennis Kucinich, garnering almost 3% of the vote. "Strategy is working perfectly" said Rudy.

Mitt Romney soundly defeated McCain who doubled up Huckabee, something that was predicted since it IS, after all, Romney's home state. Yeah, I know he was governor of Massachusetts, but he was a "Come Here." He couldn't get elected governor of Michigan...Too liberal, too Republican, too Mormon.

McCain may be a philandering ass, but he's not quite as batshit crazy as Huckabee, who was busy running a million robocalls against McCain in South Carolina...Probably attacking McCain for not wanting to replace the Constitution with Leviticus. (Concubines and stoning adulterers to be legal, gays, not so much!)

Exit polls of Republicans said they thought George W. Bush was doing a fine job and the Iraq war was going really well.

(Note to Republicans: Please contact Ground Control ASAP....Your instrument panel doesn't seem to be working)




  1. Terry Troll1:26 PM

    Governor of New Jersey? Did I miss something?

  2. No, I did. Fixed it.