Monday, January 21, 2008

Wish I'd said that...

John Edwards gave a beautiful speech today, MLK day. The Press seems to be discussing whether he used the terms "Brothers and Sisters" too much and they missed, or just don't report, his call for immediate withdrawal from Iraq, His call for economic justice, his call for environmental justice, his call for...Well...Everything.

It's about the hair to them.

Here's the best comment I read on Edwards:

Now that Biden and Dodd are out of the Democratic race, Edwards is the classiest candidate left. Unlike both Hillary and Barak, who are trying to invent a persona that will appeal to the most voters, Edwards is running on a consistent progressive message that really can bring the country together instead of an invented personality. Barak and Hillary are proving to be divisive; Ewards is decisive. Whether the voters will go for Edwards at some point remains to be seen. It is all too likely that they will continue to go for the Obama\Bill and Hillary Clinton soap opera -- it certainly is more entertaining.



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  1. Yeah, that's it right there.

    While Hillary and Obama both act like a couple of pissed off alley cats protecting their territory, Edwards is talking about getting health care for children.

    Will the average Democratic voters pull their collective head out of their collective ass long enough to realize this? Remains to be seen.

    The choice is clear. It's John Edwards or we're fucked.