Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Edwards Moment

For some reason the Media have decided that there are only two Democratic Candidates for President, even though John Edwards is doing better than Giulliani or Huckabee on the Republican side, who continue to get coverage well outside their merit.

With 47 States yet to vote in a Primary, Voters need to pay attention to moments like this one:

Are there three people in this debate, not two? This kind of squabbling...How
many children is this going to give health care? How many people are going to
get an education from this? How many kids are going to be able to go to college
because of this?

We have got to understand, this is not about us
personally. It is about what we are trying to do for this country, and what we
believe in. -- John
Edwards, during last night's debate

Via JedReport



  1. Once again, the MSM thinks we're simpletons.

  2. yes, poopie. They surely do.

    Trouble is, and sadly, when it comes to many fellow Democrats and Liberals, they're right.

    As long as the knee-jerk element of the party continues to drink that Kool Aid, the MSM will continue to serve it.

  3. Anonymous7:27 PM

    I am just hoping that the two 'celebrity candidates' rip each other apart and turn everyone off enough for the middle class freedom fighter to sneak some wins.

  4. The thing that really gets me is the other night after the debate, CNN had a group of undecided voters tell who (based on that debate) was the best candidate. They chose John Edwards. When asked if their undecided vote would go his way? They said No. They would probably vote for Hilary or Obama. What ever happened to voting for the best candidate? The popular kid in class is not always the smartest.