Thursday, January 17, 2008

Heap Bad Production

What is it about the Bush Administration that makes them willing to use such amateurish attempts at deception to back their floundering play on the international stage?

What is it about the Aemrican Media that they don't immediately reject such ploys with scathing skepticism and derision?

What is it about us that we haven't thrown down our plows and ridden our mules to Washington to give these sick little children a major dose of castor oil and a spanking?

It looks like the Iranian speedboat story was played up to the press in order to coincide with President Bush's trip to the Middle East. An identical event had happened two weeks earlier and nothing was made of it. The "white boxes" may have been flotsam with no aparent tie to the speed boats.

The video with the speedboats was a U. S. Navy production, including splicing the "Philipino Monkey" voice over into it to make it appear ominous.

The decision to play this silly little incident into an act of aggression was made at the highest levels of Navy operation, including the Seretary of the Navy.

It is one more act of treason by this Administration as it tries to provoke another war to cover its failed Military efforts.

The entire story makes me sick.

I'm sick about what this says about the moral cowardice of the citizens of America,



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