Monday, September 26, 2005

Among the Cloud Monsters

The most beautiful time in the Gorge is probably right after the rain stops. The mist can't decide which way to go and plays peekaboo with the trees and the cliffs on the far side.

The photos don't do'll just have to come out and drink coffee with me and look out through the windows.

What's left of the most recent hurricane is passing through with much needed moisture. There are crazy people out there who burn things. In fifteen years here, there have been several forest fires and not one is has been natural.

There are two times of the year that fires get started: Fall, as leaves beging to drop, and Spring, right before they come out again. These are the dry times. This is a good time for rain but I will hope to see it again in a few weeks, when the new fuel lying on the ground will be a temptation for the crazy people. It only takes one, you know...

...Particularly if he gets elected.

Didn't think it could happen in America, did we?



ps: Speaking of photos, even though I said they don't do justice(mine anyway), PW would like to see more... I'll try. I spent the weekend shooting soccer games. I'm good at that...The cloud Monsters are too sneaky to show up well, so far. Perhaps I should hold up a mirror to see if they really exist?

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