Thursday, September 08, 2005

Liberal/Progressive Blogs Take Over

My friend Tommy wanted some help with a newspaper article on why Conservative Bloggers were beating Democratic bloggers. I couldn't help all that much right then but now I find out that the premise of that article was just plain wrong!

Conservatives are getting their ass handed to them in the blogosphere!

Instapundit is the top ranked conservative blogger. While I have shown how Glen Reynolds promotes misinformation (read: Lies) on his blog in previous posts, I have grudgingly noted that he has been the top political blogger. He has a new chant,

"I'm Number Seven, I'm Number Seven!"

The top six political bloggers are all Liberal/Progressive blogs. Not only that, but there are twice as many page views of L/P blogs as there are of conservative blogs. Actually there are MORE than 2 times as many views of L/P blogs.

Liberals and Progressives aren't just winning...they kicking ass!

(No, I'm not in the top six...Too many of you get the e message and don't hit the blog..but WhitesCreek Journal is growing very quickly)

Here ya go:

MyDD just finished a study on blog traffic during the Hurricane and, interestingly, when looking at the 100 most trafficked blogs and netroots sites, the liberal sites had traffic increases of 34% while the conservatives had traffic increases of only 8%.

All six of these blogs (Dailykos, Talking Points Memo, Raw Story, Eschaton, Crooks and Liars and Americablog) now have more traffic than Instapundit, which remains the highest trafficked conservative blog




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