Friday, September 23, 2005

Night Song

Quiet has its own sound.

Here I am, far away from highways or other human disturbances and the night is extremely noisy. The last of the Katydids and some other little invertebrate beasts of the night are rattling their exoskeletons to the base line of the nights music. Not much happening in the midrange but the tweeters are working up a frenzy on the edge of my high pitch hearing range.

Soon the cold will come and change the song of the night. I think I'll try to get in one more swim in the hot part of the day before that happens.




  1. Steve, You are so lucky to have Katydids and real winters. Thanks for your great post. I enjoy reading them immensely.

  2. Once in a while it will get really really cold here and the winter nights go silent. But usually there's something. Mostly mockingbirds who cannot stop communicating and competing, even at night. Sounds of foxes and deer.

    And we have two other blessings (and challenges). Two (at least) swimming holes where the water comes from a clear deep aquifer and stays at 69 degrees year-round. Nice. Of course, getting in and out is hard! Brrr!

    I wish you'd post more photos, particularly more distant shots, to give a sense of the whole landscape. Which I love. Really wonderful, magical area. As with Texas, I could live in Tennessee and never be bored.

  3. There's something magical about even the silence of the winter nights during a hard freeze. That's what is so cool about get to experience all of it!