Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Come on, Zach!

I have to think about just how badly the situation is sometimes. I try to be happy but, dang, it's hard to just whistle a happy tune through the stupidity.

In America, there are precious few places left that you can go to and not hear a car or truck. This is, after all, why our troops are being blown up in the Middle East.

There's always some group that thinks they can make money destroying what is left of the once great North American forests and natural areas. In Tennessee, there are two left. The remaining forests of the Cumberland Plateau, and the forests contained in and near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Both are under serious attack from the short sighted forces of greed.

If you thought the Alaskan "Bridge to nowhere" at a cost of nearly three hundred million dollars was stupidly wasteful, you should check out the Corridor K debacle being pushed by Congressman Zach Wamp. It was being pushed hard by TN State Representative Chris Newton, but he had to resign from the Legislature after he plead guilty to corruption charges...

Uh Huh!

The K road could cost 2.3 Billion bucks. Tennessee would have to fund 20% of that or roughly $460,000,000.00!

That would be for 23 miles of road, from Ducktown to Benton, Tennessee. Zach wants the rafting companies on the Ocoee river to take up this cause. He says

“We don’t want Earth First! to determine this route. We don’t want a small minority to dictate for the overwhelming majority.”

Zach has been reading Karl Rove's handbook or something. Find some one to make into an "enemy", a boogeyman, and say they are against something and since they are the bad guys that means you should be for this thing, which in fact is absolutely stupid to begin with.

Zach proposes to tax the crap out of everybody in Tennessee in order to pay for a lousy 23 miles of road that would slice across one of our last remaining wilderness areas, cut through the Cherokee National Forest, and rip down Chilhowee mountain.

Both the Chilhowee Mountain bike trails and the Ocoee Olympic Center Mountain bike trails would be seriously impacted, possibly destroyed. Two interstatelike bridges would impact the Ocoee River crossing over stretches that are heavily rafted.

Mountain Bikers, Paddlers, and hikers are not the only ones who ought to be howling about this one. Every taxpayer in Tenneesee should write Zach Wamp a letter asking, no, TELLING him to think about this one. Tell him the Corridor K road isn't quite as stupid as the Interstate 3 proposal, but danged close!

And as for everybody else in America...Are you gonna let Tennessee piss away roughly 2 Billion dollars of your money just to so people can get from Murphy North Carolina to Benton Tennessee?

After all...Benton Tennessee is the Home of the Famous RedNeck Games...Loved by...well I won't say who, but you know!



Here's the



And for you Pastafarians out there, be sure and read the letters from all the PHD's in support of the Church of FSM:

Oh Great and Powerful FSM

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